The Logo Creator AND The "People Pack" ... together!

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The Logo Creator is an awesome software app that comes with over 200 ready made templates! Now, you can grab the People Pak ADD-ON set and get 50 more templates and 'real people' images!


The Logo Creator already comes with over 200 templates and 300 built in graphics! With the People Pak, you'll get over 250 templates and 400 built in graphics!

Creating images with this easy to use logo maker tool is like Magic!


These transparent graphics are GREAT to use for attracting customers to you buy button or product.

If you've been looking at stock photo sites for images of people - here's a whole PACK of people images you can use to make logos, banners, page headers, blog images... and MORE!


With hundreds of graphics to choose from, and predesigned templates to modify, you'll ALWAYS have an image at your fingertips

 No more waiting for a designer to modify the graphics too! you'll get UNLIMITED revisions because YOU control the graphics! Work at your own pace 


Never look for another graphic again!

Modify what you see - or add your own images to make your designs more personal!

There's over 400 graphics to choose from

These are high quality graphics, not 'clip art' image that some of the other online sites offer.

Each and every image has a transparent background

You'll be able to drop your designs onto any webpage or blog!

High quality graphics

High quality graphics that are just as good as a stock photo agency... but you won't have to pay high prices for them!

The Logo Creator is easy ... and fun to use

It's the best logo design software on the net. And The Logo Creator goes WAY beyond just making logos!

No Confusing Menus! Just drag and drop the images right onto the canvas

You won't have to learn tricky menus or hidden commands! Just look at the interface and click away.

Clicking on Graphics will bring up the text editing tools.
Clicking on an image will bring up graphics tools

Create any image you want ... WHEN you want

Buy it once and keep creating. No more having to wait for a designer to get back to you with revisions!

With The Logo Creator - you'll be creating logos, banners, page headers, blog graphics... the sky's the limit!

Watch how easy it is to import your own graphics if you wanted to:

The Logo Creator makes it super easy

With Laughingbird's amazing software, you can stop wasting time and money and start creating (and selling!) professional graphics that will make you proud.

(you read that right! What you create is YOURS forever. You can resell the images you create with The Logo Creator!

It's a powerful tool that super easy to use and it runs on both Mac and Windows machines!

Laughingbird Software is all about making YOU look good. With The Logo Creator and the People Pack... you'll have your website looking perfect!

As always STELLAR products from LaughingBird!
Forget the complicated (and expensive) Photoshop and get this and the LogoCreator

Mark Call
CEO - The Internet Marketing Blog

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