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Over 400 'done for you' templates to modify!

The Logo Creator software contains over 400 full color design templates! Grab just one of them and create your logo in minutes! You can easily create graphics just like these:

Design your own logos AND business cards... and marketing characters! All in one software package!

The Logo Creator Interface

Why would you pay for just one logo? Wouldn't you love to have complete control and modify LOTS of high quality logo templates ...anytime you wanted?

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So what's different about this logo design software?

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Imagine a "do it yourself" graphics making app that's so easy to use, you'll be able to design a logo in minutes AND convert that logo into a page header, a business card, blog graphic ... or a Facebook image!

Change the Way You Create Your Web Graphics, Forever.

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Real feedback from our customers

shawn_wilsonSomething amazing happened on my computer today. I am so pleased with my new logo design and I want to make sure the whole hardworking, creative team knew about it. The  software has given me the power to not only make my logo ... it helped bring my other ideas to life!  SO easy to use

Shawn Wilson


pat-mcgovernSimply put, I love this LOGO CREATOR! You definitely have outdone yourselves

...I can't wait to get some of the other logo design template sets that you have planned! Please keep me informed when you create new modules for this amazing logo maker. I love the add-ons!  (I went searching for logo design and found SO much more).

Pat McGovern

No confusing buttons or icons. Nothing to draw
... and no learning curve. Everything is drag and drop!

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Still Have Questions about it all?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Can I use The Logo Creator on a Mac or Windows machine?

Yes!  Logo Creator is made to use on your Windows computer (Windows XP up to Windows 10) ... and for your Mac (OSX from Snow Leopard 10.5 up to the new El Capitan OS 10.11)

Do I login to a website or what?

Nope. You simply download and install software ...and use it whenever you want. You can put it on up to 3 machines. Your laptop, and an office desktop... and your home computer for example

Can I use my own graphics and maybe import my own pictures and images?

Absolutely! I've got a great video here showing you how to do this easily. You can import any PNG or JPG image you have on your computer!

If I like my logo design, do I purchase it?

This Logo Maker is different than those other "free" online systems that charge you for the one logo you like. You can modify your designs forever! You have full control. It contains over 400 logo design templates so you'll never be stressed when you want to change your logo.

Does this software use clipart images?

No! This is different than all of those free logo maker websites on the net. All of the images, logo design, business card designs and characters you find inside are custom made. My brother is a cartoonist, he's created all of the characters. All of the graphic elements were hand created and the people images are all fully licensed!

Can I make Business Cards too? Does it cost more!?

Yup! Like we said, it's not just for logo design, you can create your business cards too! ... and no, it won't cost more!
When you download the software, you'll also get "The Business Card" add-on pack! Along with the Business cards, you'll also get The People Pak add-on set and the Character Creator package to help you create the perfect mascot marketing character!

Like I said, this is far more than a simple logo maker.  :)


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