The Best Logo Design Software Just Got Better

The Logo Creator is now part of family of design software that's REALLY easy to use! It's the best way to create your own awesome logos, Youtube Graphics and web page images for your business. ...WITHOUT using Photoshop or hiring expensive designers!

The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software

The Logo Creator

This easy to use logo maker will transform your website and blogs into beautiful looking Sales Machines!

300 Graphics - 200 Logo designs to modify - 100 percent awesome!

Youtube Channel Graphics Creator by Laughingbird Software

Youtube Channel Art Creator

Finally, there's an EASY way to create graphics for your Youtube Channel. This software is awesome!

With these 4 unique design tools, you'll be on your way to looking like a million bucks in just minutes! Create your own logos, business cards, youtube graphics and mascot characters!

All Laughingbird products are Mac and Windows compatible!

The Business Card Creator   Logos

The Business Card Creator

Create beautiful business cards in minutes! Modify these REALY awesome business card and logo templates (each one can be modified a hundred different ways!).

The Character Creator - By Laughingbird Software

The Character Creator

Need a mascot character to help promote and sell your services? THIS is the ultimate Character Creation tool!

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