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By Michael Aulia –


The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software is a tool for Windows and Mac that simplifies all your needs to design logos, business cards, and banners.

With The Logo Creator – logo design software, you don’t need to be a designer to pour out your creativity into reality! I had The Logo Creator as part of free applications that I got from my hosting, LunarPages. I never know that this application is so easy and powerful to use, until recently.Simplicity is best and The Logo Creator is so simple to understand and use that I didn’t even need to read the help to do my stuffs. You can start designing from scratch or use some pre-made logos and modify them as you see fit…

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By Michele McDonough –


The Logo Creator – it isn’t just for logos

About a year ago, I was scouring the Internet looking for a logo creation tool and came across Laughingbird Software’s The Logo Creator. The software looked like it was easy to use and capable of doing what I wanted so I decided to give it a try. After a year of use, I can definitely say this is one of the best software purchases I have ever made.

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By Scott May – Columbia Daily Tribune


Laughingbird image software is no joke

Unlike some convoluted high-end software, Laughingbird’s products are so fun to use, you’ll spend hours just exploring all the tweaks, tricks and customizable options. Graphic design experience is entirely unnecessary, so even users who can barely doodle will be amazed at their creative output.

The Logo Creator 5 lets you create royalty-free logos for personal use in print or online. What you create, you own, which means you are free to copyright logos, or even sell your creations to others…

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We must say that we are really impressed with The Logo Creator software. As podcasters we feel it is really important that we have professional looking artwork that accompanies our program. One of the challenges we have had over the past several months is getting our artwork to be compliant with the iTunes standard, specifically making sure it is 300×300 or 600×600 in size. The Podcast Creator software allows for this! We were able to create our logo in about 20 minutes. After shopping around out there, other services charge $50-$150 for one custom image. The price for your software is a great deal for what you get. Thanks for helping us bring our podcast to the next level!

By Jim Cheshire – CEO


Very cool effects that would require some serious design skills to create outside of The Logo Creator, and they look incredibly good.

One of the most important aspects of corporate image is your corporate logo. That’s why graphic designers get paid big money for creating custom logos. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a wallet full of cash to pay a designer to design a custom logo set for us, and if you’re anything like me, you’re challenged in the art area. Most of my graphics consists of a color bar and some text. Pretty bland.

Fortunately for us, there’s The Logo Creator. With this easy to use logo design software, you can create an almost infinite variety of professional quality logos and other graphics, and perhaps best of all, you can do it without an ounce of creative talent. Keep reading. You’ll be impressed…

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The Website Diva’s Blog

Laugh All The Way To The Bank

Are you still looking for your niche? Wondering how to create additional income? Do you have an entrepreneur spirit but are held down by a 9-5? Do you have a creative side?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Laughingbird Software’s Logo Creator may be the answer!



By Manuel De La Paz – The DomainZstore

Using it to Make Just Logos Is Cheating Yourself.

Photoshop is great but it took so long. Then one day someone brought in The Logo Creator.

…we quickly and easily created banner ads, headers, side bars, images for a slide presentation. The images for slides we have used with Powerpoint, Camtasia and so many other programs. This neat and simple logo design software allows you to make shadows on text and product images. You can get business photos and rotate them or make them transparent. You can use gradients or photos for buttons, menus, lettering or backgrounds. The possibilities truly are endless…

By Steve Schneiderman – President of


If you need to create a logo for yourself or a client, then look no further. You’ve found your solution

Version 5.x of The Logo Creator from Laughing Bird Software is even better than it was before, and that’s no small accomplishment. You can easily change the fonts, colors, shading, or supporting graphic elements like swooshes or spheres or shapes. You have total control over the size and placements of any element in the logo…

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  • Douglas Jones

    Reply Reply June 17, 2012

    I’ve been a webmaster for 9 years. I have tried other so-called banner makers, but nothing worked. In most cases, the rendered banner looked outdated or looked horrible. I’m glad I bought the Logo Creator. I’ve used it for my website in the past but I recently got the updated version and wanted to see if I could make a better banner with it, and in less than an hour, I created the best banner I’ve ever had on my website. To see the new banner, just go to

    Trust me, don’t waste hundreds of dollars hiring a freelancer graphic designer, only to be stuck with a headache and an expensive one at that. Get the Logo Creator and design you very own banner.

  • Lyle

    Reply Reply June 30, 2012

    I did not have time to read all the other testimonials, but I wanted to say Logo Creator has really given me a big jump ahead in my online projects. There is no way I was going to have time to learn photo shop or some other expensive tool. I have enough on my plate as it is as a beginning marketer. I love Logo Creator. It is so simple and there absolutely was no learning curve. I did not even read any of the helps; I just started using it and it was simple to figure out what I wanted to do. And thanks for the great update….love it!

    • admin

      Reply Reply June 30, 2012

      Thanks Lyle!
      I appreciate the testimonial :)


    Reply Reply July 1, 2012

    Hello Hello Hello Just Bought The Logo Creator Software Started Messing Around With This Is An Awsome Software.
    I Been Searching & Searching For a Product Like This For So Long,Man This Is What Anyone Would Want And Need
    I’ll Be Using This The Logo Creator Software For My Business And Church Project.. ..I Know That The Logo Creator Software
    Will Certainly Meet All My Personal,Business And Ministry Needs,I Have Created Anything Yet I Want Be Long…I Just Wanted
    To Give My In Put For Such A Great Product,I Love The Way It Gives You The Ability To Move Around On The Canvas, Everything So Simple And Easy, A Baby Could Use The Logo Creator And Come Out Looking Like A Professional Web Designer…I Will Be Using It And Sharing Experience With Other Associates Of Mind Again Thanks For A Great Product.!

    Pastor R.L.Hall

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