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Use Cartoon Mascots 2 Go on your websites, blogs or social network groups.

Use a mascot for business cards, brochures, slideshows, training material and more!


Get Cartoon Mascots 2 Go!

Every cartoon mascot is high quality and comes in the transparent “PNG” image format. This allows you to use the images on any background, any website or with any Powerpoint Apple Keynote presentation.

Cartoon Mascots 2 Go gives you:

  • An easy drag and drop approach to including a mascot into your design.
  • Cartoon Mascots that are formatted in the “.png” file format for easy use…
  • A transparent background (.png files) so you can use the cartoon mascots on any website, powerpoint presentation or Word doc!
  • Royalty free mascots!
  • Cartoon mascots that will work with The Logo Creator and any Laughingbird Software (directions for use with a Laughingbird Software tool are contained in the zip file you’ll download).
  • A very inexpensive option to having your own mascot!

No programming knowledge or graphic design experience required.

Use our library of logo elements or import your own images.

Check out some more samples of cartoon mascots below.

These cartoon mascots can be used anywhere you need energy, fun, and a cartoon feel, perhaps for your team’s mascot!

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  • Sergio

    Reply Reply May 24, 2013

    love the demo on the card creator will try to get it soonlooks promising

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